About Us

Motivated Adults Developing Excellence (M.A.D.E.) is a leadership development organization for youth and young adults. Our communities are faced with daily challenges that are affecting the quality of living that we all desire and deserve to have. We have devised an innovative infrastructure that will assist in building stronger leaders which will ultimately lead to stronger communities. M.A.D.E is designed to change the complete paradigm and mindset of communities by providing a positive space full of resourceful connections and opportunities of empowerment. Our focus is on restoring, establishing, and strengthening family values in our communities by bridging the gap and restructuring the way we interact together. M.A.DE will assist community members in creating rich relationships with other positive individuals who will help them reach their highest potential. We only exist to ensure that each and every community we encounter is filled with motivated adults who are developing excellence.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to incite, empower and enhance leadership capacity in youth and young adults by supporting and promoting the efforts of individuals desiring to make significant impact in their communities through civic engagement.