Incentive Point Program

M.A.D.E Point Incentive Program
Our incentive point program was designed to keep our students engaged while teaching them accountability. We understand that all of our students come from diverse financial backgrounds so we evened the playing fields. With our point incentive program we are able to offer the same opportunities and benefits to all of our students regardless of their parent’s financial situation.

How It Works
Our students will be rewarded points for every M.A.D.E activity in which they participate. Once a month we will open our M.A.D.E store online so they can redeem their points for prizes and rewards. This will encourage more participation and also teach our students that hard work does not go unrewarded. All activities that cost money like field trips, sporting events, concerts, and more will have a point value placed on them. If the student has earned enough points through their participation they will be eligible to participate in the group activity.

How to Earn Points
Community Service Hours
Charity Drives Participation
Leadership Recognition

Example of Prizes and Rewards
Gift Cards
Movie Tickets
Theme park tickets
Field Trips
Dream Prom