Executive Director

Eldredge Headshot

Eldredge E. Washington also known as Made Mann believes in three things: God, family, and community. At the age of 18 he decided to dedicate his life to rebuilding and installing back the pride into our communities. He relentlessly invested all of his time, energy, and resources into founding M.A.D.E. (Motivated Adults Developing Excellence); which is one of the most innovative leadership development non-profit organizations in Atlanta, GA. Eldredge’s secret to the success of his organization is building, cultivating, and maintaining strong relationships, and this is a lesson he teaches in his newly published book Become M.A.D.E. It’s a Lifestyle “How to live a good life by building great relationships.’’ The electrifying love that Eldredge leaves in the hearts of those he encounters is undeniable. With his affectionate spirit he uplifts everyone who crosses his path. Eldredge is on a mission to help his generation progress by coaching them on how to live the M.A.D.E lifestyle. Eldredge has traveled domestically and internationally spreading the message and principles of The M.A.D.E. Movement. He believes that strong leaders will ultimately build stronger community, and the cure to our communities lie in the hands of our youth. Ultimately, Eldredge desires to coach people on healthy relationships building which will help them discover purpose and accomplish goals in their life. When asked about the uncannily behavior of his generation, Eldredge stated a quote from author Stephen Covey, “If you want to change someone’s behavior, you change their title.” Instead of complaining about the high school drop outs, teen mothers, gang members and drug dealers, Eldredge has decided to change their title to the Kings, Queens, and leaders of tomorrow. Eldredge encourages everyone to Become M.A.D.E. because it’s a lifestyle worth living.